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What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, otherwise called synthetic grass or turf, is a great alternative to real grass. Such a surface is built with synthetic materials for many purposes. Artificial grass can be utilized for both private and business finishing, including patios or open parks. It can likewise be utilized for athletic fields. Synthetic turf is made to lessen upkeep and cut expenses.

Built with cutting edge yarn composition, artificial turf is developed with polyethylene or polyurethane fiber that are made to last. There are a few different kinds of artificial grass available today to fit many different purposes. 

Here are four great reasons to choose Brediger Landscaping for Artificial Turf Landscaping:

Local Snohomish Business

When you call Brediger Landscaping Company you can be certain that the individual you are working with is a part of the Snohomish community like you. Using a local landscaping company like Brediger Landscaping is supporting the Snohomish community! We have Snohomish pride and want to take the best care of our residents by beautifying our city. Pick a landscaping company that thinks about you and the city of Snohomish and run with Brediger Landscaping.

Service Range

At Brediger Landscaping we offer a wide variety of services for your outdoor landscaping needs. Everything from routine clean up to full on terrace remodels, Brediger Landscaping has you secured. We are experts in artificial grass yards so be sure to ask us about our no maintenance and life changing products we offer. Our company genuinely loves taking on big projects to beautify any and all outdoor spaces. In the event that you have questions regarding your yard, call (425)-402-7834 today and get a free statement!

Landscaping Knowledge

One of the most important parts of any landscape is knowing the correct plants for the space that you are wanting to beautify. That is the reason here at Brediger Landscape we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in finding the ideal plants for the outdoor space you have always wanted. In addition to the fact that we have great relationships with nearby nurseries, we likewise invest our energy observing our clients spaces and understanding which plants would work best in your desired area. Regardless of whether you have a yard that is continually in sunlight or one that is shaded, Brediger Landscaping will create the ideal space for you. Particularly, we specialize in artificial/synthetic grass .


Customer Satisfaction

Our company puts the client above everything else. That is the reason we do our best to communicate in clearly understanding the client’s desires and their end goal for their space. After many years in the landscaping business, seeing our client’s enjoy our work has been our greatest joy. Check out our client testimonials and photos of work we have done in the past! 

Experience Brediger of Snohomish
Each of our employees has been trained in proper landscaping and here at Brediger Landscaping, we have been beautifying yards in the Snohomish region for more than 30 years with great results. Choose Brediger Landscaping, a successful hardworking company that continues to serve your city. Call us at (425)- 402-7834 for a free quote today!

Snohomish Landscaping Services

Transform your yard into a landscape that you didn’t believe was possible. Brediger Landscaping is a business that stands by their work. Leave a solid impact on your guests with a space that you can be pleased with. Call Brediger Landscaping at (425)-402-7834 or email us on our contact page today to take care all of your landscaping needs! Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook!

How Artificial Grass Can Benefit You

For Residential Purpose

For neighborhoods, artificial grass can be life changing. Families, couples with dogs, and youngsters can all utilize synthetic grass for their outdoor needs. Pet-accommodating turf can withstand pet waste and harsh play. Pet waste can be wiped off with a hose leaving no scent or buildup. Synthetic grass can withstand big play sets and can even feel like real grass. 

For Sport Purpose

 From soccer and lacrosse to football and tennis, there are different kinds of artificial grass that can be utilized depending on the sport.  Large areas where grass is needed can really benefit from turf, as maintenance will be greatly cut down. For schools and universities, artificial grass can likewise save money on these expenses. Also, even larger areas like arenas benefit from using artificial turf surfaces which are sturdy for even the most talented groups and players.

For Institutional Purpose

For organizations and business areas, synthetic turf can be used for a great finished look. Artificial turf can spruce up boring business regions by adding a green and bright look. Synthetic grass can be custom fit to parallel or line other scene surfaces, for example, concrete or stone. For your business, synthetic grass helps keep your image professional. In return, you are able to concentrate on building your business instead of property upkeep. 

Artificial grass is a perfect surface for athletic, home, and business areas. It saves time and money while keeping a professional look.

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