Six Types of Bellevue Artificial Grass

As you seek to have a facelift of your compound using Bellevue artificial grass, it is important to ensure all finer details are considered because it is a costly investment. Widely known as Astro turf, you have to be a well-educated consumer to make a wise decision and spend wisely to whatever artificial grass you settle for. There are six types of artificial grasses tailored for different purposes. It will be costly to buy a turf that is not meant for the area you initially intended to cover. The six are;

  1. Landscape turf; also known as a microfiber layer, it looks like the actual grass with even some models adding a tan thatch to symbolize the dead grass. This makes it look more of the natural grass and from far one cannot differentiate if it’s artificial or natural. The material uses a lot of yam per square meter that makes it the most expensive type to buy compared to the other artificial grasses.
  2. Pet grass turf; this is good for people who own dogs in their homes as pets. This is because the lawn has antimicrobial agents that get rids of bacteria causing odors due to the pets. The drainage of this turf is excellent to prevent the holding of any dog’s wastage once discharged on it. The grass acts in self-cleaning mode and won’t trouble the pet owner trying to clean at all times.
  3. Athletic field artificial grass; those who participate in athletics are familiar with this. It is typically up to 3 inches and has no thatch layer. It is only infilled with a mixture of crumb rubber and silica sand. It is safe for sports use only and cannot be substituted and utilized for other landscaping purposes.
  4. Putting green turf; this comes in two types; nylon and polypropylene putting green grasses. The nylon is used mostly indoors as it doesn’t require any sand infills as polypropylene requires infills and mostly used outside. The latter is the best because it has a long lifespan.
  5. Playground turf; this is ideal for schools and children playing fields in the neighborhood. Keeping in mind the games kids get involved in; they are bound to injure themselves. It comes in different density and thickness depending on where it is laid.
  6. Specialty turf; this incorporates all other grasses that don’t fit in above groups. For example, those put on balconies, tennis courts, or a combination of any turfs above.

When you opt for Bellevue artificial grass, have these in mind, or you risk getting confused by the sales person only interested in making a sale and not your purpose.


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