Landscape Lighting

Why Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights allow you to continue to enjoy the beauty of your yard even when it’s dark out. Whether you want to illuminate a pathway for visitors, spotlight your landscape’s most charming feature, or light up your deck for comfortable outdoor living, Brediger Landscaping has the know-how to get it done.  We use a variety of landscaping techniques to craft functional, beautiful and visually exciting effects that enhance your home or business’s nighttime atmosphere.  Outdoor landscape lighting the next step to increasing your curb appeal, extending your outdoor living space and improving the safety and security of your property.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting


Your home and yard will find a second life beneath the moonlight by highlighting unique architectural features as well as the natural textures such as trees, ponds or shrubs.  Brediger Landscaping can help you to artfully illuminate the beauty of your property.


Landscape lighting helps brighten areas that may otherwise pose tripping hazards to those visiting your property. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights not only enhance the beauty, but also offer the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space.


Every family and/or business wants to feel safe and secure.  Proper night landscape lighting can lessen those dark areas and shadows around the home, increasing security while reducing the potential for trespassing and discouraging criminal behavior.

Lighting Techniques

Whether your backyard is uniquely designed or traditionally styled, Brediger can help you find the right lighting technique to fit your style.  Here are just a few of the many techniques that can be utilized to create the look and feel you desire:

  •         Area Lighting
  •         Pathway lighting
  •         Grazing
  •         Underwater
  •         Downlighting
  •         And More!

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