How about a landscaper jumping onto Google?

Landscaping is about as far away from internet marketing as it can be. We work with our hands, get dirty, work in the northwest rain and cold weather, and of course root hard for our local sports teams.Landscaping Contractor

Internet marketing seems like another dimension to a landscaper. So how does one get onto the internet and why is it important?

First let’s talk about us. We’ve been landscaping right outside your backyards since the 1970’s, and we’ve done just about all there is to be done. If you can think of it, we’ve done it, and not just once but maybe even one hundred times. There is not much about landscaping, water structures, drainage, outdoor lighting, and concrete we haven’t done. You can certainly trust that we’ve paid our dues and put in the time, training, and work.

The interesting thing is that as we move along throughout the process of building a company one begins to develop things they like better and want to do more of. For us we’ve came to the conclusion that after all the time we’ve put in doing varies landscaping projects we pretty much like installing synthetic grass and artificial turf the most.

Why do we like Synthetic Turf most?

We enjoy the process. We enjoy how fast and efficient it is to install. We also love the final product. It’s so enjoyable and easy to use. We don’t have to run back to the supply store for minor parts and pieces. We don’t have to spend weeks in the mud and rain and our clients love it every time!

For this reason we decided to do more synthetic grass and focus our business on that niche; and now the questions of how to do that ariseAscend Marketing and Consultings. How do we get future customers to call us for artificial grass inquires? For this we turned to the industry leaders in home improvement and contractor marketing, Ascend Marketing and Consulting.

After searching around we called Ascend to talk strategy and see if they could develop some sort of plan of attack for our company. Could they find a way to get the customers we wanted to call us? These were the sort of questions we had for them and to our delight they had a number of ideas and strategies they had already implemented with a number of other companies. They showed us graphs and charts of previous successes and we read all their online marketing testimonials. We immediately jumped on board.

The first step was to build a website, but not just any site, but one better than the competition. Ascend showed us the competition and we told them what we wanted and they delivered. You’re looking at it right now! How does it look?

After that Ascend did extensive keyword research on our industry and they identify the best words to rank for on Google. They quickly began to make our website soar up the search charts until we ended up on the top of the first page of Bing and Google! It’s awesome the people are searching for what we want to offer and finding us. Then they call us and we make more happy customers.

It’s beautiful when a plan comes together; and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Ascend and their online marketing strategy they set us up with.

Long story short: If you need a landscaper call us if you need an internet marketing firm call Ascend!