Components of Bellevue Synthetic Grass for Pets

 Most of us came to knew of synthetic grass when it was introduced in the sports industry many years ago. Because of its benefits, many people are finding it useful and easy to maintain compared to the natural grass. From being durable to being cost efficient, the list of benefits is endless, and it can be seen by the increased number of people installing the same in their homes. Once you have this installed, time used for mowing the lawn will be long gone, or you will not have to pay a gardener to do it anymore. Another perspective from pet lovers has brought another angle of benefit that is outstanding. Look at the following components and understand why pet lovers will find it ideal to install Bellevue synthetic grass for pets.

Turf fresh – Many people shy away from keeping pets because of the lingering smells that come with them. Thanks to antimicrobial agents in the grass that absorbs such all this smell. You can still opt to spray the turf fresh directly as it contains enzymes that destroy the bacteria causing smells in the grass. Since it is an organic solution, it is safe to your precious pet and children playing on the surface. As your pet enjoy and children have fun, you guaranteed of a pleasant smell throughout.

Draincore – This is installed to ensure drained on and in the grass. It is a perforated backing providing an additional drainage system to the turf that is already perforated. Compared to natural drainage systems, the drainage here is fast and is easy to install. As pets urinate on the grass, all of it will be drained away quickly, and you won’t even notice.

Pet turf – The thatch composition makes the whole surface comfortable, and your pets will find it relaxing. The pets can play on it without destroying it because the structure makes it durable for a long lasting performance as it outstands all weather patterns.

Durafill – This is the last component that makes the pet turf ideal. It is the latest technology used to fill the Bellevue synthetic grass and has the following benefits;

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  • Prevents absorption of external elements and urine that may build in the product to cause bacteria.
  • It is durable and does not need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Even in hot conditions, it does not transfer the heat to the synthetic grass which may cause damage to it as it absorbs all heat.
  • Its composition is environmentally friendly as it does not contain silica, dust or any other metals harmful to the environment.