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Breaking the Myths on Edmonds Landscaping Services

A lot of information is available out there today on the maintenance, nurturing and creation of beautiful gardens and lawns. Some of the information is true, some of it is a bit exaggerated some of it is entirely false while some of it has just been misconstrued. It is important that you get all the facts right when it comes to the care and maintenance of your landscape. You do not want to put in so much effort in taking care of it only to find that it is still withering by the day. Below are some myths that are commonly being passed around that you should stay away from.

Watering lawns in the evening helps to conserve water

This is actually one of the biggest landscaping myths that have actually led to many people committing serious landscape mistakes. There is no denying that there are people who tend to over water their lawns but the thought that choosing to water in the evening will allow the water to go further down is completely false. Contrary to popular belief, the water actually ends up just laying at the top of your lawn and creates room for lawn disease and fungus to thrive. If you continue with this habit, you might find yourself having to replace the entire lawn. It would be good for you to choose to speak to an Edmonds landscaping services expert on the amount of water that you lawn requires and the best time to water it.

Mowing the grass shorter will mean that I will not have to mow it often

This is very false.  The truth is that if you choose to have your grass at an extremely short length, you are actually robbing it of the chance to grow. What you are simply doing is denying the lawn the ability to effectively produce sugar from photosynthesis, allowing the weeds a higher chance to get exposure to sunlight thus making it easier for them to grow and also exposing the root system of your lawn to excess sunlight and you have to keep in mind that they are quite sensitive. Also allowing the grass to grow extremely long then suddenly cutting it can actually shock your lawn system because you will get rid of more leaf and end up leaving just bare stock. Again, it would be wise for you to talk to an Edmonds Landscaping services expert to get advice on the best cut practices.