Synthetic Turf Installation bothell

How Synthetic Turf Installation Can Benefit the Environment in Bothell

Getting rid of your lawn and using synthetic turf has a lot of benefits. While it will enhance the look of your home and give it a consistent, beautiful aesthetic, it will also be more eco-friendly. Here’s how synthetic turf installation can benefit the environment.  Lower Water Usage When you install synthetic turf, you’re immediately lowering your water usage. Turf doesn’t need to be watered, which can take a lot of stress off your water system. If you’re looking to keep your water usage to a minimum, this is a great way to do it.  Elimination of Chemicals Traditional lawns need all kinds of pesticides and fertilizers to grow and look their best. With synthetic turf, you eliminate the need for these chemicals. This is much better for the environment, not to mention less expensive for you as the homeowner.  Greenhouse Gas Reduction Lawn maintenance can have a big impact on the environment. Lawn mowers, edgers, and other equipment, all emit greenhouse gasses and can be harmful to the environment. Synthetic turf installation eliminates the need for this equipment and is easier on the earth and its ecosystem.  Need Synthetic Turf Installation in Bothell?  When you need the very best

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Questions to Ask When Installing an Artificial Putting Green in Sammamish

If you’re a golf enthusiast, having your own putting green in your yard or home can be a great way to improve your short game. There are all kinds of options available for a home putting green and it’s important that you get the specs you’re looking for. Keep these questions in mind when installing an artificial putting green.  What Will the Pile Height Be? The pile height of the artificial grass is an incredibly important consideration. You want it to be as close as possible to what the pros use. This way, you’ll have the right feel for when you head out to the golf course.  What Are My Drainage Options? If your putting green is going to be outside, you’ll need drainage for it. Ask the installer what your options are and how effective the different choices will be. This way, your green will stay in good shape.   How Realistic Is It? Making sure your artificial putting green is as realistic as possible is one of the most important considerations. Realistic turf is your best bet if you want to improve your game. Talk to the installer about your turf options and find the one that is as

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