Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

Find out everything you need to know about artificial turn and landscaping
Artificial Lawn

Artificial Grass is:

  • Ultra-Clean 100% 100%
  • Safe 100% 100%
  • Waterless 100% 100%
  • Always Beautiful 100% 100%
  • Easy to Maintain 100% 100%

Artificial Turf and Synthetic Grass Questions

What is artificial Grass

Artificial grass is beautiful, always green and easy to maintain.  You’ll find it all around the world and in some of the most exotic places.  It’s commonly used in the Puget Sound to preserve water and ultimate aesthetics.

How long do Artificial Lawns last?

Technology has created the latest generation of high quality synthetic turf which has increased the longevity and authenticity like we’ve never seen before. The blade fiber and color will not flatten or fade.  The wear resistant turf can withstand regular foot traffic daily. With minimal care your turf can give you up to 20 years maintenance-free life.   Remember your replacement cost after 20 years is a fraction of the original cost since the prep and base work has already been done.

Are there any health risks associated with Synthetic Turf of Rubber?

All current research has shown that artificial turf has no health risks, whatsoever.

Residential artificial turf installations are quite different than Artificial turf fields now everywhere in the United States, from high schools to multi-million-dollar athletic complexes. Residential projects use sand or acrylic coated sand as the infill while athletic fields use crumb rubber for a softer landing. Crumb rubber are small beads of old rubber tires which are filtered down through the turf blades to provide a bouncy surface for athletes who fall often. Research has stated that no risks have been found in using crumb rubber, but continued testing by the EPA has been assured.

How do I clean up dog waste from my new Artificial Lawn?

Artificial turf, just like any natural grass lawn, dog waste needs to be picked up and disposed of.  Don’t wait for the rain to dissolve it.  Have a spray bottle of Simple Green® Bio Dog Stain & Odor Remover or something comparable to apply after each occurrence. Thoroughly rinse with water.  Treat urine soiled areas in the same manner.

If you anticipate on dogs using your artificial turf then always choose antimicrobial Pet Turf and antimicrobial infill.

Landscaping Questions and Answers

What type of landscaping projects does Brediger do?

Our expert technicians can help you by providing service for: Landscape Design and Installation • Synthetic Turf/Lawns • Retention Walls • Water Features • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems • Accent Lighting • drainage specialists and More!

Questions about Brediger Landscape Company

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes!  We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (AMEX).  We’ve got many different payment options available for you.  There is no excuse not to have new and beautiful turf!

How long has Brediger been is business?

Brediger Landscape Company has been making Northwest dreams come true for over 30 years!

How long do projects take?

Most artificial grass projects can be completed in a few days.  Residential grass projects are typically smaller in size where commercial projects are larger and often times more straight forward.

What type of people do you work with?

We have the best clients in the world.  Our clients are anyone who wants an easy to maintain lawn or landscape.  We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.