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Edmonds Landscaping – Brediger Landscaping has always been Edmonds’s first choice for their landscaping services and artificial turf installations. At Brediger we understand that nothing is more important than experience and expertise when it comes to working on your lawn. Not only have we been working in the landscaping industry for over 30 years, but we’ve adopted all the best practices that go hand and hand with landscaping in the Pacific Northwest!  Consequently, we offer a wide variety of services that include everything from installing artificial turf to weekly mowing and maintenance.

Brediger Landscaping knows that the people of Edmonds really enjoy spending their days down by the beach soaking up the sun or at Ivar’s putting down a warm bowl of fresh clam chowder. With this in mind we aim to give everyone a yard that they will happy to come home to after a long day down by the water.

Besides our excellent landscaping service, Brediger is set apart from our competition because we are a family run business. As a result, we try to treat all our customers like family every time we visit their yard. This can clearly be seen through all of our glowing customer testimonials.  Furthermore, our 30 years in the landscaping business has taught us that the only thing that makes our customers happier than our great landscaping services is our great customer service. Our main goal is to create a relationship with every customer that will go beyond working on your yard. Join the Brediger Landscaping family today and let us be the primary provider for all of your Edmonds landscaping services.

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Why Brediger Landscaping Company as your local Edmonds landscaper?

Local Edmonds Business

When you call Brediger Landscaping, you can rest assured that the person you’re talking to is part of the Edmonds community just like you. As a matter of fact, when you use a local landscaping service like Brediger Landscaping you are not only strengthening the Edmonds community but also supporting a business from your hometown! From the Edmonds Ferry to Marina Beach Park we value the entire Edmonds community. For this reason, choose a landscaping company that cares about you and the city of Edmonds.  Choose Brediger Landscaping.

Edmonds Artificial Grass Installation

Are you tired spending hours and hours on trying to keep your grass in perfect condition? If so, then Brediger Landscaping has a solution for you. We specialize in installing artificial grass in yards all over the Edmonds area. There are many benefits to artificial grass for homeowners especially in the Pacific Northwest. Notably these benefits include easier maintenance, the appearance of green grass regardless of water and sunlight, and the lack of mud or yard damage during the winter so children and animals can use it all year long. Start saving time and money with an artificial grass yard from Brediger Landscaping. Call us at (425) 402-7834 for a free quote today!

Landscaping the way you want it

Edmonds is a city that is always drawing tourists and businesses alike. As a result we know how difficult it can be to catch a moment to yourself during a busy week. We at Brediger understand that when you do manage some time off that you just want to relax and don’t want to worry about people coming and working around your house. That is why Brediger Landscaping runs on your schedule. We don’t want you to have to plan your week around us. You have things to do like baseball games to go to or kayaking the coast on a warm sunny day. For this reason, remember that when you call Brediger you’re the boss!

Great Customer Service

We having a saying at Brediger Landscaping, “the best type of customer is a repeat customer”. With this in mind, we try our best each day to make sure we treat all of our customers with the highest level of respect. At the end of the day our main goal is to set ourselves apart from our competition, especially when it comes to our customer service. For this reason, we go above and beyond when interacting with all of our customers to not only provide an excellent landscaping service but also to leave our customers with smiles on their faces!


Each one of our employees has been professionally trained to practice landscaping and is experienced in working on yards of all shapes and sizes. Here at Brediger we have been working on landscapes in the Edmonds area for over 30 years and it shows in our work. During this time we have seen Edmonds grow into the center of tourism and relaxation for people all over the state of Washington. Our goal is to continue providing our landscaping services to the residents of Edmonds for decades to come so that we see for ourselves what the future holds for this bright city.  Don’t leave your yard in the hands of landscapers that don’t know how to landscape in Edmonds. 

Variety of Services

At Brediger Landscaping we offer a wide variety of services that meet a range of different landscaping needs one may require. Everything from routine maintenance to full on backyard renovations, Brediger Landscaping has you covered. Of special note, we specialize in installing artificial grass lawns so you will never have to mow, water, or fertilize your lawn again. We always love taking on projects of all sizes and specialties. If you have questions about your yard call (425) 402-7834 today and get a free quote!

Edmonds Landscaping

Edmonds Landscaping Services

Turn your yard into a landscape that you didn’t think was possible. Brediger Landscaping is a business that always stands by their word and their yardwork. Leave a strong impression on all of your guests with an exterior that you can be proud of. What are you waiting for?! Call Brediger Landscaping at (425)-402-7834 or email us on our contact page today to take care all of your landscaping needs! Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook!

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