Artificial Turf Specialists

“Where the grass is always greener”

Artificial Turf Specialists, “Where the grass is always greener”

Brediger Landscape Co (BLC) installs only the highest quality artificial turf with several application and variety solutions to meet the specific needs of consumers in the Pacific Northwest. Some applications include formal entry lawns, heavy foot traffic play areas, pet areas, putting greens, elevated turf decks, roof tops, condos, and commercial applications. BLC takes extraordinary steps during installation to guarantee the highest quality preparation as there is a vast difference between contractors in this field.

The engineered technology in recent years has replicated the color and texture match of the Pacific Northwest grass varieties which include Perennial Rye, Bent Grass, and some Fescues. Replicating lawns right down to the thatch layer is another good reason why our turf is unsurpassed. We have gone to great lengths to eliminate the dozens upon dozens of types of artificial turfs currently on the market that do not meet our quality standards. Our turf selection is in a class of its own and the finished project shows it.

As an experienced contractor since 1974, and unlike other turf competitors, we know how to grade your land, terrace the slopes, construct beautiful retention walls, and move the landscape to conform to the new turf design with free flowing contours that make a typical postage stamp lawn into a park-like setting. Our competitors typically only remove the lawn and replace with turf all without considering aesthetics.

Over the many years in business our customers have hired us to create unique settings surrounding the beautiful newly installed Artificial Turf Lawns. For instance, a Hawaiian theme setting using Pine Brush Fencing with Flicker Flame Sconce Lighting, Pathway Accent Lighting, serene Water Features, and selected Palm Trees and embellished with colorful shrubs and ground covers.

The Artificial Turf installations have been one of the most gratifying phases of landscaping since this phase sets the ground work for an ultra low maintenance landscape project.


Why go with Artificial Turf?

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Pesticide free
  • Even Playing Surface
  • No need to water
  • No need to mow
  • Visual appeal (all year round green)
  • Effective where natural grass cannot grow